Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Fall: Tempo House from Perverted by Language

Visiting family back in Detroit, and staying with dear friend Bobji*. We spent the night trading music... I hooked him up with Sufjan Stevens, My Bloody Valentine, Ry Cooder, Fujiya & Miyagi, etc. He hooked me up with Spiritualized, LCD Soundsystem, old Tones on Tail, etc. So much fun.

As the hours got wee, we discovered this gem recently added to YouTube. The Fall's Perverted by Language album is in my all-time top 10. I have numerous live / bootleg versions of most of the songs on the disc. What is so cool about this video is that it is the very performance recorded on PbL. I didn't even know a video for this existed. I've listened to the audio so many times, every squeak and squawk, click and clack is burned in my brain. Watching Mark E. Smith and gang actually perform it... so cool!

I've been having a great trip home, including time today at the newly opened Detroit Institute of Arts. Awesome, more later on that I hope...

*Bobji was the singer for Spahn Ranch (I was the guitar player, Odell was the drummer and Hobey the bass player.) We were the Detroit based Spahn Ranch, not the industrial band of the same name (that had much wider acclaim and is what turns up if you use a search engine.) Anyway, someone on the net recently digitized our first (and only) album. Here's a few songs from it: countdown & echos of the day. And here's the cover!

They also made a MySpace page for us.