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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Brightcove v. Maven

The Boston Globe has an interesting article about Brightcove and Maven, or more specifically Jeremy Allaire v. Hilmi Ozguc. I know both of them a little bit, and have been following their respective companies for a while.

Both of them are really Virage 2.0, or at least the part of our business that we used to call VI (Virage Interactive) that Dave Girouard and Joe Hyrkin built in 1999. It's cool seeing these companies get traction. If they can really get momentum around the video ad network then methinks the journalist underestimates the potential exit magnitude.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Packets on a Plane

I was bummed to see that Boeing is terminating its Connexion in-flight broadband service.

I recently enjoyed the service on the SingaporeAir long-haul flight from SFO-ICN and it was amazing. Even made a VOIP call, because... I could. Worked flawlessly. Changed the way I thought about flying.

While a bummer for Boeing, hopefully this isn't much of a setback for broadband in the sky.