Thursday, February 16, 2006

A shout out to all the people who make me think

As I get into my first blog post, I want to state for the record I am, at best, a remixer.

I happen to be surrounded by talented people (many of whom are known to the blogosphere, most of whom are not), and I learn something new every day. I often can't remember (let alone credit) where a lot of the great ideas I repurpose came from.  So apologies in advance, and thanks in advance, to all the sung (see the about page for more on my heroes) and unsung contributors that have influenced my thinking and whose creativity I will unabashedly exploit on this blog.

I haven't invested much (any) energy into the look, feel, functionality of this blog.  Makes me feel kinda lame.  But everyone who knows this medium is telling me to get on the horse and ride, and worry about such stuff later (if at all.)  So...

On with it!