Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Compassionate Care

First off I want to thank everyone that read, linked to, blogged about, referenced, etc. my first post. Extremely gratifying and encouraging, and definitely left me feeling that blogging is going to be something I enjoy. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated, even as I need to learn how (and at what level) I'm going to be able to react and respond directly.

At the risk of losing my freshly-minted audience, I want to blog today about something that is neither technology nor business-related.

Krista (my girlfriend of nearly 5 years) serves as the Volunteer Coordinator at the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic. This clinic offers complementary alternative medicine treatments to low-income women with cancer. Their services seek to provide relief from the "terrible side-effects of cancer and its treatments". Today the San Francisco Chronicle featured the clinic in a very touching article.

Ways that you can help:
  • Ask your organization to become a corporate sponsor, and have them contact Linda.
  • Direct any practitioners (massage therapists, herbalists, acupuncturists, etc.) who might be interested in volunteering to the Clinic
  • Make a donation yourself
  • If you know someone who is a low-income woman with cancer, please share information about the Clinic and its services with her.
I've often said that I aspire toward balance in my life, but to observe that balance one would need to integrate over large chunks of time and experience... Krista and I are in very different lines of work, and again here the word "complementary" comes to mind. I feel privileged to have a partner whose work is so directly and obviously connected to alleviating suffering in the world. Krista has taught me so much about the politics of cancer, poverty, and how to truly and deeply care for people. I'm inspired by her example daily.