Saturday, June 30, 2007

BBC Post

I must admit I've got a bit of "poster's remorse" regarding the BBC blurb here.

I've got some lame excuses about why I didn't do a better job with this, which I'll spare you (ok, I can't resist... Two r/t flights to Europe and back in the course of 9 days was part of the problem.) I tried to be non-partisan, favorably invoking Yahoo competitors like Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. I was told that the audience would be the "non-techy intelligent layperson." I didn't mean to come off as if I'd invented ubiquitous computing, didn't care about privacy, or .

I'll be more careful next time, and/or correct some of these sins on this blog.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive. Some folks said they liked it. ;-)

Friday, June 29, 2007

This sounds familiar…

From the Wall Street Journal... "Google has begun experimenting with the creation of offsite "skunkworks" operations to develop cutting-edge products and separating out parts of the business to be run as more autonomous units within the company."


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Best Magic of UK Hack Day? I disappeared!

Matt offers a great post on the "magic" of Yahoo's Hack Days... I had the pleasure of attending the most recent Open Hack Day in London...

For me the most magical thing about it was my utter lack of involvement. ;-) I did not help organize, coordinate, oversee, judge, etc. I went strictly as a spectator... It's so cool when an idea takes on a life of its own... The team did an amazing job, perfectly capturing the spirit of the program (but with an appropriate and unique EU flavor...)

Reminds me: Tom Coates mentioned recently that he got a kick out of seeing the name Fire Eagle starting to do the rounds... It was the silliest name he could come up with. I like it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Welcome Jerry, Yahoo’s new CEO!

Still digesting the news... but I am extremely optimistic about today's changes. Surprising myself how much in fact. But you'd need to know me to know this has everything to do with Jerry's entrance, not Terry's departure.

I am a huge Terry fan. Frankly I wish I'd had more occasion to interact with him directly, but every time I did I learned something... Terry is a brilliant, subtle, and generous leader... Watching him get beaten up in the press over the past year was excruciating. It was a very painful lesson in the "pile on" mentality of the popular press. It did however have the fringe benefit of forcing me to do an honest inventory of the company I've chosen to be at, our assets and liabilities, challenges and opportunities, etc. I've got a confidence now that is rooted in introspection. The new Yahoo needs committed, passionate individuals that not only "get it" but are willing to think long-term about the immense, world-changing opportunities at hand... The public thrashing we've taken and the weakness in YHOO over the last year has at least served to shake loose those that aren't here for the right reasons...

Having Jerry as our CEO is incredible... It was Jerry who personally "green lit" and funded Pipes (for instance)... When Caterina and I pitched it to him, he not only "got it," but explained it back to us in a framework that deepened our own understanding. Having Jerry as CEO is gonna be cool!

Also want to give a shout out to co-founder David Filo, who is 100% engaged (and has been continuously for more than a decade.) Filo just attended Yahoo's UK Hack Day, where he hung out at the venue interacting with hackers, supporting the event, acting as a judge, etc. Jerry and David are as passionate and involved as any founders I've seen at any company - startup or Fortune 500.

Terry, it's too soon for goodbyes and thank yous... I'm extremely psyched that you're staying plugged in and will serve as our Chairman in an ongoing way. Jerry, welcome back to (overtly) running your company and let's do this.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lightning Strikes at UK Hack Day

Hack Day London Indoor Rain
Originally uploaded by Josh Russell

I'm at UK Hack Day, spectating and just enjoying the vibe here... Chad recounts yesterday's remarkable lightning strike on Alexandra Palace as festivities were kicking off... too cool!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Flickr is stupid, and late… but redeems itself.

I love Stewart Butterfield.

This is why I am in Berlin right now btw...