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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday NYT Magazine story headlines a la Spell-With-Flickr

The individual story headlines in today's New York Times Magazine are done a la Spell With Flickr...

From page 6:

Alphabet City: The headline typography for this issue came from the very place that the issue examines and celebrates: downtown Manhattan. Lucas Quigley, a contributing designer, went on a three-day excursion earlier this summer and photographed letters that appeared on theaters, dumpsters, shoemakers' shops, floor mats, hotels, constructions sites, plaques, scraped posters, and even the Amish Market near ground zero...

The cover story is "The Diaries and Notebooks of Susan Sontag". Yahoo Research Berkeley's ZoneTag is named in an homage to Sontag...

So go buy the Sunday Times.

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