Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where should we stay in Kauai?

At the end of October (right after ACM Multimedia), Krista and I will be taking a much-needed (for both of us) week of vacation.

We're headed to Kauai.

We still haven't figured out where we're staying. Thought I would solicit suggestions. These could range from areas of the island, specific places / rentals...

We're thinking that we want to stay on the North Shore, and are looking for a "cottage" or "bungalow." More rustic than polished. Doesn't need to be "on" the beach.

Let me know your thoughts! Leave a comment, or email me at Thanks for any experience, advice, recommendations you have.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

It’ll be! is having its first birthday party (after three years.) It'll be fun! Joshua and the gang will be there in force, and you can ask him what it feels like to be an MIT Technology Review Innovator! If he's too busy, then you can ask Stewart!

I'll be there too, basking in the afterglow of our Open Hack Day. If that wasn't a smooth enough segue, then you can check out Chad's favorites tagged with yhackday on here.

And I would be remiss, dear hackers, if I didn't implore you to come to Open Hack Day. It's gonna be "off the hook" fun, cool, interesting, surprising... the list of people that are coming is already impressive and growing by the day. If you're a bona fide geek, hacker, nerd, coder, etc. then you will be kicking yourself come Monday morn when you read about what went down at this shindig. Check it out!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cool Flickr Geotagging Examples

Stewart recently showed me some very cool (and in some cases surprising) Flickr geotagging examples. Here's a few I loved.

Where is the neighborhood in Manhattan known as Tribeca?

Get your kicks, on Route 66

Food tour of Asia

What I love about the "tribeca" and "route 66" examples is that they show emergent knowledge in the system. Collectively, the efforts of many photographers map out a geographic element... Neat.

Sunday NYT Magazine story headlines a la Spell-With-Flickr

The individual story headlines in today's New York Times Magazine are done a la Spell With Flickr...

From page 6:

Alphabet City: The headline typography for this issue came from the very place that the issue examines and celebrates: downtown Manhattan. Lucas Quigley, a contributing designer, went on a three-day excursion earlier this summer and photographed letters that appeared on theaters, dumpsters, shoemakers' shops, floor mats, hotels, constructions sites, plaques, scraped posters, and even the Amish Market near ground zero...

The cover story is "The Diaries and Notebooks of Susan Sontag". Yahoo Research Berkeley's ZoneTag is named in an homage to Sontag...

So go buy the Sunday Times.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

CapitalOne Summit

Had the pleasure of speaking today at a CapitalOne summit in DC.

Apart from the travel, I actually love doing these things. (I do wanna give JetBlue props though - pretty flawless service, and gotta love the TV. Watched the US Open while working.) Anyway, speaking with colleagues from Microsoft, Google and AOL, as well as CapitalOne, has been a really valuable experience.

At Virage, we used to strive that every employee had some customer touch and engagement. At Yahoo, it's so easy to change roles and join the ranks of our 500m "customers"... Every employee is most certainly a "user" as well... But it's way too easy to not rub up against the third leg of the stool, our advertisers. Gonna do what I can to make sure that my teams get more exposure.

AOL sent Ted Leonsis. Google sent Vint Cerf. MSN sent Joanne Bradford. Typically, DanR would have done this gig but he had prior obligations so I seized on the opportunity. It's been great.

Here's some liveblogging of Ted Leonsis' talk:

Leonsis: Ted Leonsis' secrets to happiness:
- Relationships
- Community
- Self-expression
- Giving back
- Pursuing a higher calling

Leonsis: "As marketers, you must leave more than you take. Gratitude is an unbelievably powerful concept. And saying thank you is an unbelievably powerful phrase."

Leonsis: "The happiest group of people by these measures are evangelical christians."

Leonsis: The Seven Web 2.0 virtues
- be generous
- it's good to share
- politeness matters
- be open
- listen
- respect individuals
- dilligence wins

IPTV is interesting not because of streaming, but because of on-demand possibilities a la iPod
IPTV is interesting because of interpretations of packets v. dumb raster display

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Dylan marathon on AOL Radio (XM)

AOL Radio is airing a Dylan marathon over this long weekend. It's back-to-back episodes of his XM radio show. Fun stuff, and I have to admit I've enjoyed his 'tween song banter more than the lost classics he actually plays. Check it out!

Friday, September 1, 2006

Google launches an clone…

Google has launched Image Labeler, a clone of Luis von Ahn's espgame. While it's conceptually a clone, it's been reimplemented in DHTML v. Java. Since CMU/Luis have patented IP around this, I'm guessing this is with Luis' consent.